Painless Gains
Lachael Prouty, MPH, RD
Sports Nutritionist/Registered Dietitian


If you’re looking for a competitive edge, you should include sports nutrition as part of your training regime.




As a sports performance nutritionist/registered dietitian (RD), Lachael works with athletes to recommend the best choices of food and fluids, timing of meals and snacks, and supplements, all of which can help improve performance, recovery, and overall health.

Sports Performance Nutrition is an important component of any training regime.  Ask yourself, are you fueling up for success?  Do you lack energy for quality workouts that improve performance?  Would you like to learn the best ways to speed up recovery from training and competition?


The type and timing of fuel you choose can make a big difference in how you train and compete.  Learn what foods work best for you to compete at your best.


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